Instructor FAQs

Can Moodle admins combine (Merge) my sections for me?
Can I combine sections with different course codes?
How can export grades to Excel from Moodle to import them into SIS?
Where has the “turnitin assignment” gone?
How can I restore from a course backup larger than 2 GB?
How can I access my Moodle page from a previous semester?

How to change site language

 It is possible to change the language of the Moodle user interface for all users

Notification Preferences

Unique behaviors of the announcements  

How to add Syllabus

Adding a Syllabus to your course

How to add file to a course

Steps to add a file to a course

How to add folder

Moodle Folders only hold collection of files. Please note, They cannot be used to organize Moodle activities such as quizzes, discussion forums, or wikis.